I’m super annoyed by bad experiences. So I resolved early to try and build better ones. These days I believe great teams build great products.

I ❤️ building product design teams.

Sometimes this means coaching and management, sometimes working with product teams to bring products from idea to execution.

Currently bringing sustainability to companies and products at Megis. Previously Lead Product Designer at Krisp.ai, Senior UX Manager at Trustpilot, Head of UX at Emarsys, and UX Researcher at Prezi.

Contact me

I’m available as a design mentor and a fractional design leader, helping startups and scaleups to achieve their goals, for example:

  1. Building effective design teams.
  2. Improving product discovery.
  3. Conducting user research.
  4. Promoting a user-centered culture.

Want to discuss your product? Need design or career advice? Lets discuss: hello@polgarp.com.