I seem to followed by quotes on all things UX. They appear in presentations, on Facebook conversations as funny come backs, in discussions about UIs. I get inspirational UX quotes written on funny images. They are told by UX people, told by people who know about UX, and told by people who think they know about UX after seeing that one funny picture on Twitter where UI is represented by a concrete path while UX is a well trodden path on the grass. They are misquoted, misattributed, or not attributed at all.

Roughly 3 month ago it hit me. I was on holiday and just a little bit bored sitting next to the pool. So instead of just sipping my Aperol I decided to do a little side project. I wanted to stop trying to avoid those UX quotes, and to embrace them. Just have a way of a daily dose delivered to my door. So the UX Quote Bot was born.

The idea was simple, prepare a Twitter bot posting a quote daily, so I could get randomly surprised and/or inspired about something somebody probably said sometimes. This way the quotes I found wouldn’t be buried in a never-opened Evernote notebook for a passive “maybe I will find later”, but presented in an easy digestible and easily shareable format.

Preparing a text-based Twitter bot is surprisingly easy, I used the guide of Zach Whalen to set up the basic mechanism. Then spent a couple of hours to collect the content. Unfortunately some of my favorite quotes didn’t fit into the character limit, maybe they will some time in the future.

Happy quoting from a recovering quotaholic.