When I first realized that as a computer science major instead of programming big black boxes, I’d rather work with people, I started to read everything that had even a slight connection to this topic. After reading all of the Alertbox posts available online, I knew I’ll only understand usability / UX well enough if I can also explain it to others. So I went back to my university and started to teach software ergonomics to other computer science students. I continue to teach and evangelize UX in some way ever since.

meetup talk conference talk introduction on a meetup
Fun times with meetup and conference talks

Besides teaching, I also started to write, I was one of the first bloggers writing in Hungarian about UX. That’s how I met other people who were also working in this field. It quickly turned out we need more time to talk, so with others, I started to organize World Usability Day events, and later the UX Budapest meetup series. It evolved into a huge community of professionals, especially thinking back at the humble beginning of 10 UXers going out to have a beer and talking about user needs and testing.

I stopped being an organizer of the meetup, but I do smaller design thinking workshops now and then. In the past years, I also teach on UX courses where I talk about user research, usability testing, collaborative design, and the Lean UX approach. Besides this I’m often asked to talk at meetups (for example about designing for AI) and also mentor beginners (for example at UX Coffee hours). But my overall agenda stayed the same: to continue learning, I must be able to inspire and explain things to others, so I keep improving my evangelization game.