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I found the term vision a bit confusing when thinking on their role on product development. Possibly since different people understand different things when they talk about vision. So far I identified 4 types of vision:

  • Company vision, sometimes also referred to as company mission. Describes the purpose of the company. For example Google’s “organize the world’s information”.
  • Experience vision focuses on the future experience we are looking to create in the mid to long term. It’s very light on details how exactly we are going to make things happen. Artifacts focus on the experience itself, prototypes highlight only in what sense the experience is impacted.
  • Product vision is fairly concrete, it describes a concrete future we are creating in the short to mid term. Focuses on major feature areas or values to deliver and tells a story within market or technological trends. Artifact can include visiontype, a prototype focusing on the product.
  • Design vision is the most concrete type of vision, focusing on the short term and explores possible short term futures with more concrete prototypes that closely build on the current reality.