Lead Product Designer @ Krisp ⊂ 2021 - 2023

My mission was to build the design team while iterating on the desktop app experience for a better product market fit. Learned a lot about audio issues, PMF, AI design. Best outcomes: drove strategic with future design, established user research & product discovery pratice.

Key project: Creating an experience vision.
Other stories: Raise product and org maturity.

Senior UX Manager @ Trustpilot ⊂ 2018 - 2021

Teamed up with Trustpilot to align and scale the B2B product and the UX team. Learned a lot about trust and safety, design strategy, product discovery, and visioning. Best outcomes: growing talent, great app foundations.

Key project: Redesigning app IA is alignment.
Other stories: Building a user research team, Leader archetypes in practice, Define design strategy through maturity evaluation.

Head of UX @ Emarsys ⊂ 2015 - 2018

Joined Emarsys to establish the UX team and practice from scratch. Built a 16 person team, while making major iterations to the core product. Learned a lot about marketing methods, hiring process, org structure, career development, workshops, design process, and the most about myself. Best outcomes: mature UX team, well established design system.

Key project: Designing a UX team.
Other stories: Building a design system, Establishing a UX process, Grow with experience stories.

Stories from my other adventures.