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Newsletter on Design Leadership

1 minute read

I’m starting a (bi)weekly newsletter on design leadership called 9am26. Looking around the interwebs these days there are more and more good articles on lead...

Welcome to 9am26

less than 1 minute read

I’m glad you’ve subscribed to my newsletter on design leadership! I hope you find something worthwhile in each issue that helps you in your daily practice.

UX Coffee Hours FAQ

8 minute read

I’ve been part of the UX Coffee Hours for the past 1.5 years, meeting UX researchers every week for a chat, mostly mentoring people starting out in their car...

My knowledge workflow 2021

3 minute read

This is my current knowledge workflow as of beginning of 2021. I write these both to document my current practice, and also to clearly set what guidelines I’...

Personas are for aggregation or for alignment

1 minute read

Had a chat with a researcher this week, and one of the topics we discussed was how to use personas in a design process. We ended up talking a lot on why thei...

Design is business

1 minute read

Was on a meetup today, and one of the questions asked from the presenter was “What’s the relationship between business and design at your company”. Ofcourse ...

#stretchcon 2020 impressions

11 minute read

Last week I attended the Strech conference 2020 online. I found over the years that the individual talks themselves don’t give that much useful insights, but...

Designing AI products

10 minute read

This story is based on the talk I recently gave on the UX Budapest Meetup featuring AI topics. Here is my prezi from the event. I’ve added more links and mor...

Tipping is sexy

1 minute read

Showing tip amount examples guides how much tip people give

Why Doing Design Research is Imperative

3 minute read

I was teaching designers this week, and it struck me: people don’t question the need of doing research any more. There used to be a few confident, experience...

UX Quotes to the Rescue

1 minute read

I seem to followed by quotes on all things UX. They appear in presentations, on Facebook conversations as funny come backs, in discussions about UIs. I get i...

Drawing Houses

12 minute read

User Story Mapping at Emarsys

Clashing Design Principles to Annoy You

2 minute read

From time to time I find myself obsessed with broken things, especially physical objects. The ones that leave me in an interrupted, annoyed, confused state w...

How Might We — Hogyan tudhatnánk

2 minute read

(This post is about how to apply the How Might We method in Hungarian, and in a broader sense how language based design methods translate.)

From design to product design

3 minute read

This week I attended a UX Budapest meetup event. Besides the always great networking I liked the talks too, as they offered an interesting insight on how peo...

#stretchcon 2015 impressions

6 minute read

I frequently see UX people in a leadership role, even if they are not team leads or managers. They still need to guide their teams or even to change processe...